Run Chromium on CentOS5



NOTE: As far as I read the project home page, browser application software binaries that are built by users themselves don't have predefined name. But sometimes I call them “Chromium” for convenience.


Suspension of the maintenance announcement

I won't update Chromium binary rpms any more, because Chromium-14 hits a bug in binutils that CentOS/RHEL 64bit edition has. Actually I had built 32bit version of Chromium-14 with my modification, so if I provides special tool-chain for building it on 64bit edition, I can continue to maintenance probably. However I think binaries that are built on my own tool-chain are no longer for CentOS-5. So I suspend the work until the bug is fixed in CentOS/RHEL.



Chromium is the open-source project behind the Google's Chrome browser. If you get the code from the project and built them yourself, you can build a browser application that is quite similar with the official Chrome browser, and can use it freely. This page explains a way to run Chromium on CentOS-5 (or RHEL5 or Asianux Server 3, of course).




This page provides a yum repository of rpm packages to build your web browser from Chromium snapshot on CentOS 5.x, with no harm on your system's binaries.

It also provides some pre-built binaries of the web browser, however pre-built browser binaries were just built for me. They are not new, and sometimes they may be no use for you...


To get x86 repository information for yum: click here.

To get x86-64 repository information for yum: click here.

To download source rpms: click here.


NOTE: You can use rpm packages freely AT YOUR OWN RISK. Read here for the terms and condition of the Chromium browser.


Short instruction to run pre-built browser

  1. 1.Run “yum install chromium” from your command line. 

  2. 2.Choose “Chromium” on the gnome menu,  Applications -> Internet, or run /usr/bin/chromium from a command line. 



Short instruction to build your browser

  1. 1.Get all binary rpms what I prepared, from this ftp site.
    * Of course chromium itself is the exception. 

  2. 2.See here and install more development packages for compilation. (ex. gcc44-g++) The list is not accurate for CentOS-5, but useful. In this time, you don't need to install rpms that are already installed at 1st step with “chromium-” prefix. For example, you don't need to install gtk2-devel because chromium-gtk2-devel has been installed.
    * Don't forget preparing git command. It is not in my rpm repository, but it is required. If you don't have it on your system, it can be get from RPMforge, I think. 

  3. 3.Get a chromium source rpm from this ftp site, and install it. 

  4. 4.Actually it doesn't include chromium source code, therefore it is named nosrc.rpm. So, let's get the target source. I packed a shell script,, in the chromium nosrc.rpm for it.
    The script can run as like:
    # cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/
    # ./ 8.0.552.211 /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/
    * You must specify target version instead of “8.0.552.211”.
    It may take very long time to create tar.bz2 tarball. 

  5. 5.Run “rpmbuild -ba chromium.spec”.
    If you fail to build Chromium, the reason may be one of two: 

    (1) There are still rpm packages to be installed. 

    (2) The source code in the tarball is now broken.
    If (2), you can try more recent version instead of me:-) If (1), you must see error messages carefully, and google some keywords in the messages to find rpm package to install. 


Uncertain Issues

  1. 1.The pre-built Chromium binary may require the CPU that has SSE2. If you meet “Irregal instruction” message, try to run on newer PC. 

  2. 2.It may not show any Flash contents. In my memory, when Firefox that has the add-on, chromium use it. When I will have a chance, I'll verity and write some tip... 

  3. 3.There are uncertain problems in syncing bookmarks with Google accounts. Now I'm investigating but parhaps it depends on tool-chains, like gcc or glibc. If it's true, I won't fix it. (see my accouncement about Chromium-14 or later.) If you really want to sync with Google, use chromium-10.0.648.134. It  works in my environment. 






The packages and the page were created by Ryoji Kamei. To contact with me, search name in the twitter, or e-mail ryoji.kamei on Any comments are welcome, so far :-)



2011-10-15: Add forgotten chromium-python into the repository. Put up suspension of maintenance announcement. Note sync problem as uncertain issues.

2011-06-05: Fix x86-64 repo rpm link.

2010-11-21: Rewrite for yum repository, x86-64 binaries, supporting a bit stable source code, mentioning the Flash plug-in.

2010-05-02: Add uncertain issues for SSE2

2010-03-09: Add information for the public key to verify signature

2010-03-04: Create the page